About Us

STONEGATE GROUP OF COMPANIES, which began life as Stonegate Properties,  is a property and business investment and development company. We have over thirty years experience in the acquisition and management of commercial real estate, and our multi-talented team thrives on dealing with properties that face management and leasing challenges requiring creative entrepreneurial solutions to succeed.

Our hands-on approach to managing extends to working with individual tenant businesses and creating innovative partnerships and support networks.

The experience managing properties allowed Stonegate to broaden its focus into the commercial and residential property development market and the real estate advisory business.

Today, Stonegate Group owns, partners in or manages a variety of enterprises in different fields: commercial plazas, multi-residential properties, food distribution and laundry companies, custom furniture design and other businesses.

Chief Executive Officer: Malcolm Friedland

In his role as Chief Executive Officer, Malcolm is responsible for asset management and new acquisitions. He has been very successful at both finding opportunities and also structuring transactions in creative ways. During the course of his leadership, Stonegate has experienced significant growth not only in terms of its holdings but also in terms of its operational capacity and range of services. With over thirty years of experience, Malcolm has been actively involved in all areas of real estate ownership, management, investment and business and property development.

Chief Financial Officer: Gary Posner, CA, CFE

As Chief Financial Officer, Gary is responsible for the financial operations of the Stonegate Group of Companies. Under his financial leadership, Stonegate has been consistently able to provide its investors with better than average returns. He has a wide range of experience in all aspects of finance.


Pnina Friedland

Pnina has been a member of the Stonegate Group of Companies since 2014. In her role as vice president of development, she is involved in many facets of the business, from construction, to development, to finance management.

She has helped to launch and manage new retail businesses, overseeing ongoing operations and expansions.

Pnina is also involved in the research and development of new business opportunities in emerging markets. She is heavily focused on opportunities in the agricultural tourism market.

Ilse Mozga

Before taking on her current role as financial controller for the Stonegate Group, Ilse was business manager for two non-profit financial market analysis companies.

Her work for Stonegate began with design work, both of the grounds (landscaping) and the corporate identity.

Ilse continues to take care of all graphic design, website, signage and in-house printing needs for Stonegate and its affiliated companies, and she does general research and prepares investment and marketing packages, as required.

In addition, she co-manages one of the company’s retail businesses and is involved in developing a sustainable agritourism site.

Angela Zabder

Prior to sharing her time at Stonegate Group of Companies, Angela could be found sharing her love of writing and travel with a local BnB and Spa magazine or working with children.

In her ever-evolving role with Stonegate she has worked with many contractors and tenants on a daily basis scheduling regular or emergency maintenance, setting up new leasing deals or assignments, or just dealing with daily tenant needs.

At times her role has encompassed marketing , new business ventures, maintaining ongoing safety practices, co-management of a busy local business, facilitating short term rentals and even small tenant repairs.

Chanaka Demel

After many years experience in the customer service and hospitality industry in various parts of the world, including as front office manager in a 500-room Toronto hotel, Chanaka decided to strike out on his own and set up a cleaning company that offers industrial and post-construction cleaning as well as cleaning and landscaping for private homes.

For Stonegate, Chanaka oversees the cleaning and maintenance of commercial properties from Toronto to Kitchener, and most tenants have his cell phone number on speed dial, as he always ready to try and assist with any of their maintenance needs.