Asset Management

Whether you have a single asset or a large collection of properties, we believe that our management approach can add value to your portfolio.

Our services include:

  • general property management; however, we are always focused on managing as though we are owners of the property, and not only administrators
  • individual and multiple property reviews
  • strategic planning and targets for how to maximize value with your assets
  • workshops for existing tenants on how to grow their business

Our management approach is based on three main principles.

Firstly, we focus our management services on maintaining low overhead and cost effective operations. Since we do not operate as a large bureaucracy, we are able to avoid the lengthy turnover times and liberal cost management that are often associated with larger property management companies.

Our second founding principle is transparency and communication. We ensure that our landlords are never out of touch with the management process and the decisions that affect their assets. While most companies would assign a junior point of contact, our Executives are personally vested in the success of your asset and are available to you at any time. Importantly, in addition to fostering and cultivating positive working relationships with our landlords, we view the interaction between the landlord and property manager as a partnership. As such, while we provide day to day management services and on-going recommendations for various enhancements, we ensure that our landlords have final approval rights on all major fiscal decisions. At the same time, we ensure that our landlords have all the necessary tools and information to make the best decisions for their assets.

Finally, our third principle is entrepreneurship.  As managers and owners we continue to seek out creative solutions to normal day to day operations while continuously exploring new avenues for increasing the current and future value of the asset.

In summary, we strive to manage our clients’ assets the way we manage our own – with diligence, care and responsible fiscal administration.