Agricultural and Residential Holdings

In addition to its commercial holdings, Stonegate also owns and manages a number of residential and agricultural properties.



Residential holdings include singe-family homes and apartments in Toronto, Milton and Campbellville that are rented out.



We consider land not just an investment, but a deep connection to the natural world. Striding across a hayfield or stoking the muzzle of a horse that has come to the fence to say Hello are activities that link us to our history and ourselves in a profound way.

HILLESUM FARM is a 45 acre property in Campbellville, Ontario, that supports a number of rescue horses and several microfarming ventures that provide organically grown garlic and vegetables.

TWISS ROAD / Reid Sideroad is a 62.8 acre property in Campbellville , Ontario, featuring wetlands and gently rolling hills. It is only seconds from the Highway 401 interchange and is being transformed into an eco farm with flower and vegetable tenant growers and an agri-tourism component.