The Stonegate Group of Companies assists individuals and other companies in creating wealth through comprehensive real estate investment and management solutions. We also partner with businesses in a wide variety of sectors that need help revitalizing or growing their operations.



Let our experienced and qualified real estate and investment professionals assist you in getting the best return possible on your investment. We can

  • assist you in developing a customized program to help you build your real estate portfolio
  • provide a second opinion regarding the performance and direction of your existing assets
  • be the equity or management partner you need in order to purchase a new asset
  • partner with you in one of our existing assets if shares become available


Whether you have a single asset or a number of properties, our management approach can add value to your portfolio.  We

  • focus on maintaining low overhead and cost effective operations
  • treat the relationship between landlord and property manager as a partnership, providing day-to-day management services while at the same time making on-going recommendations for enhancements, with the property owner having final approval rights on all major fiscal decisions
  • seek out creative entrepreneurial solutions to operational challenges, managing clients’ assets the way we manage our own: with diligence, care and financial responsibility


We offer management of all the various stages of property development, from site-selection to post-construction selling/leasing. Our menu of available services includes

  • market research to help select and acquire the most suitable site
  • full financial viability and proforma (risk review and mitigation)
  • project team assembly (including architect and construction firm)
  • assistance in obtaining short-term and permanent financing
  • marketing and pre-selling project
  • project summary report
  • property management services (ongoing)
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Our multi-faceted group of professional associates can help get your business to thrive. We offer creative partnership solutions, bringing our team approach to help your enterprise

  • become more financially sustainable
  • improve day-to-day operations and management
  • source/develop new product lines
  • upgrade store appearance
  • develop a marketing strategy
  • provide social media and advertising tools