US Advisory Services

A. Acquisition
We identify value add real estate in secondary real-estate markets that posess strong rental fundamentals such as

– employment
– stabilized rental inventory
– established companies
– low vacancy rate

B. Financing
We work with both local and national lenders to secure most suitable funding including: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, CMBS. We create suitable financing mixes including

– recourse or non recourse
– off or on balance sheet lending
– short and long term debt
– securitized debt

C. Management
We use a proven model for building successful multifamily portfolios with an integrated management platform that includes

– sophisticated property management software and tenant management
– accounting, financial reporting and back office
– Human resource management
– marketing plan creation and implementation
– brand management
– maintenance review

D. Corporate Formation
We set up appropriate corporate structures for tax efficiency and liability protection. In addition, we advise on future sale through 1031 exchange. We maintain corporate entities on annual basis and administer annual filings